Is Your Brewery Ready For a Membership Club?

The dawn of 2023 seemed like the perfect time to Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company to announce the kick off of a new membership club aimed at rewarding loyal appreciators of the Croydon, Pennsylvania-based brewery.

Neshaminy Creek announced The Creek Club in early January, about 10 years after its inception in Croydon. It’s since expanded its footprint to include three taprooms, but a membership program was something it still lacked, Director of Sales and Marketing Kyle Park said.

A successful decade passing by was what somewhat sparked the genesis of the membership club, Park said, as was a palpable need to re-establish a sense of community.

“We did have an exclusive bottle program at one point, but our business model has changed since then so we knew we didn’t want to revisit that,” he explained. “Some of this was born out giving folks a reason to come out on those slower days of the week, too. But in the decade that we’ve been around, the beer scene has really changed and it’s not as close knit of a community anymore, so hopefully one way we can build some of that back is in our taprooms.”

At the end of the day, they were also looking to increase in sales and repeat customers. Those interested in joining are invited to sign up in person at Neshaminy Creek’s locations or on the web.

“We’re also always trying to find ways to get customers to spend a little more when they visit so if they’re getting perks they may be more inclined to grab something to go with their discount,” Park noted. “It also helps give members a sense of belonging and maybe even a little bit of ownership which builds brand loyalty — something that is basically nonexistent these days.”

Perks include discounts on beer, merchandise and event space rentals, a free birthday beer, invitations to exclusive membership parties, priority access to limited releases, and the ability to vote on future releases.

“First we thought about what we would want to see out of a membership program ourselves from our favorite breweries,” Park said. “Then it was a bit of brainstorming about fun ways to reward our most loyal taproom customers and some research into other similar clubs. 

“With so many more options in our area, it was designed to have Neshaminy Creek be the go-to choice for these people more often than not. You need to continue to evolve how you engage with your customers just to stay relevant.”

Park said the company was remaining open to changing the perks over time. Right now, they’re waiting for more feedback and will gauge the response they get from their new members.

“Will we have enough members to do a full blown exclusive release just for them — that would be cool,” he said. “For now, we’re focusing on perks that keep people coming back to the taproom and growing that community — that’s where we see the biggest benefit in investing in a program like this. It doesn’t take much to make customers feel appreciated or rewarded so we’re excited to see where it goes.”

Photo courtesy of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

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