Introducing Point Lake Side Vacation Ale

The Stevens Point Brewery is proud to announce a brand new summer seasonal. Point Lake Side Vacation Ale is a classic, warm-weather wheat ale with a subtle twist of orange peel. To land on the recipe and the overall feel, Point Brewery worked backward from a simple premise: “What single beer would you pack for everyone to enjoy on a lake day under the sun?” The answer was Lake Side.

According to Brewmaster Mike Schraufnagel, “Summer beers can be too fruity or sweet. Instead, Lake Side is a super balanced ale –- unfiltered pale wheat body with a slight citrus finish. The goal is not to pick out one over the other. Like a hardwood paddle –- this brew is totally solid. What makes Lake Side unique is our team has fine-tuned a really great recipe, and we brew it exceptionally well. At the end of the week, we’re the ones picking it up. Again and again [Laughs].”

It’s not just the taste that Point Brewery was chasing. The iconic look was also very important to their team. According to Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott, “When you’re going outdoors to enjoy the water, the sunset, the trees, there’s so much beauty around you. We wanted a clean, cool illustration that would amplify that experience. And it looks just as good floating on your kayak or sweating in the sand.”

So…what is a “Vacation Ale?” Birrenkott says the descriptor helps put consumers in the right state of mind. “With so many options on shelves, we wanted craft beer drinkers to immediately know this brew was designed to quench your thirst and brighten your day outdoors. You don’t have to literally be on vacation. Lake Side lets you take it with you!”

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