Fulton’s Lonely Shandy Back for Spring Release

After completely selling out last summer, Fulton’s not-so-lonely Lonely Shandy is back and bigger than ever. 

This spring marks the sophomore release of Fulton’s best-selling seasonal release. Bigger, taller, and more lemony than ever – Minnesota’s hometown shandy is slamming summer in the face with the addition of 16 oz. cans: four more ounces to enjoy at the ballpark (including Target Field and CHS Field), on the golf course, or your favorite patio. Twelve ounce 12-packs are the mainstay, but fans can get their hands on single tallboys at participating retail locations. Fulton is brewing even more in 2024 to keep you cool through the steamy summer months and ensure availability.

Lonely Shandy is built on both the recipe and legacy of Fulton’s award-winning Lonely Blonde. The flagship, best-selling blonde ale is blended with its lemon-flavored hard seltzer to create a refreshing summer shandy crafted from two well-known, well-respected Minnesota fan favorites. Not overly sweet. No weird aftertaste. Just 4.9 on the alcohol by volume (ABV) scale so you can keep your eye on the ball.

The Lonely Shandy Story

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and Minnesotans live this mantra better than most. From the ingenuity that created Scotch® Tape, snow blowers and skyways, you can always count on Minnesotans to find a way to solve a problem, improve a process, or generally make our extreme winters a little easier to bear. 

In the unofficial power ranking of inventions Minnesota needed but did not ask for, Fulton’s Lonely Shandy Blonde Ale falls somewhere before Zubaz® and after the NordicTrack® chiefly because Dan Marino is still not returning our calls and it’s honestly just hard to beat the craftsmanship of exercise equipment made from real wood. But we like our odds here. 

Throughout the summer of 2022, Fulton’s taproom staff blended pours of Lonely Blonde Summer Ale with nearly equal parts of Fulton’s lemon-flavored craft hard seltzer on request to create off-the-menu shandies for thousands of guests. Did someone need to invent the game Twister®? Of course not. Is life better because they did? We think history speaks for itself and drinking a Lonely Shandy only requires one simple “right-hand yellow.”

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