New Realm Partners with Stone & Firestone Walker to Introduce: Obsidian Jam Triple Black IPA

The band is getting back together! What happens when friends, brought together through music and great beer, join forces in the brewhouse? Triple head-banging fun! New Realm collaborated with Stone Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing to brew an innovative and fresh take on Black IPA.

At 10.5% ABV, Obsidian Jam Triple Black IPA is bursting with HUGE flavor. The first sip is like standing in the front row to see your favorite artist. That moment when you hear their voice live through the speaker for the first time – what a rush.  This Triple IPA features Carafa III malt and Rye Malt, and its hop bill stars Citra, Chinook, Idaho 7 and Simcoe. Obsidian Jam is bursting with intense citrusy and piney hops balanced with rich dark maltiness.

For this very special collaboration, Firestone Walker’s Brewmaster Matt Brynildson and Stone’s Sr. Manager of Innovation, Jeremy Moynier travelled to New Realm’s Atlanta brewery. “In my days at Stone, I had a blast creating what became one of the first widely distributed Black IPAs in 2007, and a few years later both Stone and Firestone Walker both released full time versions that became classic versions of the style. Jeremy and I went on to brew a few more, and Matt’s team did the same. In a sense, Obsidian Jam feels like getting the band back together to brew a beer that is a throwback to some of the best collaboration days we’ve had in craft beer while using more modern ingredients.” shared Mitch Steele, Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm. Mitch adds that “It’s always fun when you get to hang out with your friends that you don’t get to see that often.” Obsidian Jam is more than a collaboration of breweries, it is truly a friendship collaboration!

Obsidian Jam Information:

  • Style: Triple Black IPA
  • Specs: 10.5% ABV / 65 IBUs
  • Appearance: Rich, Dark Brown
  • Package: 16oz 4-Pack and Draft
  • Distribution: Throughout Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry
  • Availability: Black Friday, November 25, 2022

New Realm products are available at its locations as well as at bars and retail outlets throughout Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry. For a complete list of locations, hours, information on private events and public tours, as well as additional information, visit

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