Indeed Announces Offerings for Minnesota State Fair

Indeed Brewing Company announces two new Minnesota State Fair beer offerings.

Indeed has teamed up with Freehouse Beer of Blue Plate Restaurant Company to create the Great Minnesota Handshake, a strawberry milkshake cream ale. This sessionable cream ale comes in at 5.5% and is brewed with strawberry, vanilla, and lactose.

Stephanie Shimp explains the inspiration behind the beer, “We wanted to create a really drinkable beer for the fair, which is how we landed on a cream ale. It’s a familiar beer style that is light and crushable,” the Blue Plate Restaurant Company Owner said. “Being the Blue Barn, we were inspired by the milk barns at the fair and their iconic milkshakes. So, we landed on a strawberry milkshake cream ale—something delicious, drinkable and fun!”

Indeed and Freehouse Beer have also joined forces with the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation to help pay down student loan debt with every Great Minnestoa Handshake purchase. For each of these beers sold at the Minnesota State Fair, the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation will donate $1 to financial literacy. The Great Minnesota Handshake will be pouring only at The Blue Barn for all 12 days of the State Fair. Shimp is excited about the partnership, saying, “The Great Minnesota Handshake is just that—a friendly business handshake between two breweries and a foundation to raise awareness about financial literacy through a delicious, iconic Minnesota State Fair-exclusive beer.”

The second beer Indeed is brewing up for the Minnesota State Fair is Rosa Fresca. They paired up with their long-time friends at the Ball Park Cafe for this marriage of Indeed’s Mexican Honey Light with fresh hibiscus and lime. Mexico meets Minnesota for this crisp brew that lures you in with a rosy hue, along with crisp notes of citrus and a delicate sweetness. This bright thirst quencher is sure to pair well with long strolls through the fairgrounds. Guests can enjoy this beer alongside crispy Day Tripper Pale Ale-battered onion rings only at the Ball Park Cafe.

The Minnesota State Fair will be held from August 22 to September 2 at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in St. Paul.

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