New Can Labeler Helps Indeed Push Out New Brut IPA in Cans

Indeed Brewing Company announces High & Dry Brut IPA can release. This will be Indeed Brewing’s first time distributing a limited-run beer in labeled cans and will be available for purchase in four-packs of 12 ounce cans. High & Dry was brewed for draft only earlier this year and its popularity led to the demand for wider distribution. The beer will be distributed throughout Indeed Brewing’s markets including all of Minnesota and parts of North Dakota and Wisconsin. This release is made possible with Indeed’s purchase of an in-house can labeler, the Pack Leader USA, PL-501, allowing for a quick turnaround and brand expansion.

“A newly emerging style of India Pale Ale from San Francisco, a ‘Brut’ IPA (referencing the very dry, sparkling wine) is an IPA where every last bit of sugar is fermented from the use of an enzyme added during the brewing process,” explains brewer Jon Eager. “Due to this lack of residual sugars that would normally act as a backbone to support bitterness in hop forward beers, a Brut’s focus is on high quaffability, low bitterness and massive aromatics.” He goes on to explain, “Our Brut IPA is a highly drinkable ale with a boisterous blend of fruit forward hops including El Dorado, Belma, and Calypso. A simplistic and clean pilsner malt bill paves the way for this aromatic adventure into the hop fields.”

Indeed plans to release new infusions, variants and experimental beers in labeled cans once every one to two months in 2019, giving Indeed’s community a chance to experience new, innovative brands and get a look at what the brewers are working on behind closed doors. Buyers can expect several releases from this series including Rum King with Neon Espresso, an experimental IPA, Shenanigans infusions, and more to be announced.

The purchase of the PL-501 can labeler will allow Indeed Brewing to do some experimenting in the design department. While all of Indeed’s fully printed can artwork is done by local artist Chuck U, the quick, limited edition cans will be designed by the brewery’s full-time graphic designer providing the brewery the opportunity to expand its brand.

From a marketing and sales perspective, the addition of a labeled can option in Indeed’s lineup is an important way the brewery will stay nimble, and respond to consumer demand while continuing to make beers it fully stands behind. With quicker turnaround times and increased flexibility, Indeed can bring cutting edge styles, like the Brut IPA, to market in a fraction of the time.

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