Increasing Product Awareness to Consumers

When it comes to “getting the word out” breweries have taken to social media in flocks to increase product awareness. But taproom and off-premise sites can also help increase awareness of products for consumers and some breweries rely on these means as well to tell its story.

Sometimes, the best way to introduce a consumer to a style is to have it on tap.

“Whenever we add a new style of beer to our tap wall, we make sure to include it on our beer menu and we post about it on social media,” said Good People Brewing’s Lauren McCurdy. “If it is a brewery-only release, we encourage people to come in to try it and gain more information from our bartenders. If it is released throughout our distribution footprint, we create a larger marketing campaign around it. This will include promotions both at the brewery and in the market, plus social media posts and images.”

Training taproom and brewery staff through a series of tours, beer schools, and exams is a way that Ale Asylum has helped itself increase education to its consumers.

One of the brewery’s partner’s and its Director of Promotions, Hathaway Dilba said that being on top of social media is key as well to help drive new consumers that are looking for something new to try.

“We turn up the volume in our social media efforts and make sure that ratings sites such as Untappd are updated regularly,” she said, noting that the brewery is also working on a production for a video that will give consumers a snapshot of what Ale Asylum is all about.


Aaron Pozit, the Director of Hospitality for Captain Lawrence Brewing said that they utilize a pilot batch system, which is the brewery’s seven-barrel experimental brew house to help in increasing awareness of new products and styles to consumers.

“We consistently try different styles and combinations of brews reserved for the majority in our taproom for our customers,” Pozit said. “They get to try all sorts of new ales and that helps us see what people are enjoying and gets customers a chance to broaden their flavor profiles.”

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