Important Marketing Aspects to Remember in Label Debut

Beer label designs can play a crucial role in the success of your brewery’s marketing efforts. A label not only represents the brand’s identity but also serves as the first point of contact with potential customers outside of your brewery’s taproom.

A well-designed label can capture the attention of beer drinkers and make them curious about the beer inside the bottle or can.

Recently, Walnut River announced a new Wheat, Wayward Sun, as a flagship brand.

“I’m really excited about how sweet the can art turned out,” said Marketing Director Ben Wheeler in a release. “Everything about Wayward Sun from beginning to end has been top-notch.”

When it came to creating the label art, co-owner and distribution manager Travis Rohrberg said the label is about fun and nostalgia.

“I think we’ve created that feel with the packaging,” he said. “It’s simple, yet colorful and eye-catching and hopefully takes you back with its retro feel.  

“We’ve got a lot of comments on how great the six-packs look. There’s a lot of beer on the shelves right now and you don’t get much of a chance to catch someone’s eye. It was important for this label to stand out. It needed to be clear and concise with recognizable logos and branding. Our artist, Chris Parks, nailed it.”

With the debut back in late March, the plan ahead of it was to create a marketing campaign to help push the brand early and give it sustainability through the summer to build its market share.

“We’re branding, branding, branding,” Rohrberg said. “It’s all about getting the name out there, on merchandise, on people, on social media.”

Walnut River has looked to partner with liquor stores and distributors to get the logo on shirts, hats, and point-of-sale displays so people see the beer and see the logo.

“We have had release parties, many tastings, and tap takeovers,” Rohrberg said. “We’ll keep pushing until someone says to stop!

“It’s a great product and I have no doubt we’ll have continued success with our efforts. Carry on!”

Photo courtesy Walnut River Brewing

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