How to Make Dry January Work for You

January is one of the toughest grossing months for a craft brewery. That has been even more compounded by the Dry January campaign where people swear off alcohol for a month.

But, there are ways to support this effort in helping consumers look at balancing their physical and mental well-being, but still promote your brewery to be a place for people to stop in and support your company.

The Beervana blog, created in 2006 by beer writer Jeff Alworth, pitched the idea of a #PubJanuary campaign recently and many breweries and state guilds have begun to rally behind the idea.

There are still ways for consumers to support your local taproom with this concept and your brewery can start to promote both of these campaigns with these types of ideas.

If you serve food, lean into promoting specials for lunch or dinner.
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​Encourage them to pick up some new swag.
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​Tell them to plan ahead by purchasing a gift card.
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​Promote that cans stay fresh or a barrel-aged release.
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Have N/A beers, mocktails, or hop waters on hand for sale.
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Even if someone isn’t drinking your beer right now, remind them that they can still get out and support a local brewery in other ways.

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