How the ​QR Code’s Comeback is Helping These Breweries Be Sustainable

​Last year, when a Rohrbach Brewing staff member first brought up the idea of using a QR code for contactless menus, Marketing Director Brittany Statt laughed to herself and immediately thought ‘no one uses those anymore.’

“I was certainly proved wrong,” she tells Brewer. The Rochester, New York brewery has continued to use table tents with QR codes as a supplemental option to single-use paper menus since the idea was sprung. Many breweries across the country have taken a hold of the idea and see it as a benefit to additional paper usage. Along with being contactless, it’s also more sustainable for the environment.

“It’s helped us not have to print menus and beer lists,” Statt pointed out. “Lower costs, better for the environment.”

With the public becoming more comfortable using QR codes (most smartphones don’t need an app anymore and the photo function will capture the code), Rohrbach has started to think about where else the QR codes could be used.

“We have a beer coming out in June that will have a QR code on the label,” Statt said. “The code will direct to a web page with information about the beer — specs, video, and other fun details to experience while drinking the beer.

“I can’t wait to see how it goes!”

Along with those usable aspects, QR codes could be used for quick FAQs, such as enhanced sanitation and safety measures to promote your establishment, via online ads, on packaging, and more.

Oregon’s Ecliptic Brewing has been reinforcing its sanitation and safety efforts via social media and other online platforms — like its Google page — throughout the last year.

“We will list out our information in a clear, easy-to-follow post that guests can save and refer to if necessary,” said Marketing Manager Colette Becker. “Our restaurant staff also does a wonderful job in communicating our procedures to guests upon arrival to our establishment. They do a great job as the face of our company in making sure our efforts are well understood and followed.”

Statt said she imagines Rohrbach will eventually do away with the food menu QR code, but continue to use it for beer lists indefinitely.

“It’s such a convenience for the staff and customer to have an immediately updated menu as the tap list constantly changes throughout the week,” she said.

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