How Prettech Canada’s Hop Star Can Enhance Your Dry-Hopping Regiment

Anchor Brewing’s Liberty Ale, introduced in 1975, is considered, by many, the first modern American IPA, the first to include Cascade hops, and the first dry-hopped pale ale before anyone had even heard of the term Double Dry Hopped (DDH).

Prettech Canada’s Hop Star is a new example of engineering at its best in glass and 304 food contact grade stainless steel. The Hop Star is an ideal way to dry hop your brews without adding any oxygen. It is a simple pressurized glass cylinder that acts as the hop administration with oxygen deprivation and administering at a flip of a lever.

The Hop Star sits on the top of the fermentation vessel and it is pressurized via air to ensure simple and accurate dosing of your favorite hops without the chance of oxidizing or contamination your beer. They have a simplistic design which makes this a winner.

Prettech Canada’s cylindroconical fermenter is a scaled-down version of what commercial brewers call a unitank. The beer can undergo primary fermentation and conditioning in the same tank, and a port at the bottom of the cone allows yeast and sediment to be removed quickly and easily.

To show confidence in the technology, Prettech Canada will include one Hop Star free with an order of two unitanks for the first 500 clients. For more information on Hop Star and other brewery equipment, contact Mike Chaplin, CEO of Prettech Canada at 1-604 783-6003 or [email protected].

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