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With the United States and European countries covering more than 86% of the entire craft breweries around the world, the United States has managed to be a house of around 4,000 beer breweries. It goes without saying, statistically proven, it is difficult to prove your company’s worth in terms of product and stand out among the crowded market. 

Regardless of your position in the industry — you could be entering the field of craft beer with a plan to disrupt the market or wanting to add a bit of personality to your existing home brew — branding is an element you need to focus on throughout your journey. 

Branding Elements for Your Brewery

In this industry, people make the mistake of jumping right into the appearance and aesthetics of the brand. While that is true, it is only half true. And as brought to our attention by Alexander Pope, “a little learning is a dangerous thing.” Therefore, before we jump into craft beer packaging and brewery design-centric topics, let us make sure we know the elements — and how to highlight the same — for a beer brand waiting for fruition. 

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With a beer brand being a business that – in most cases – spreads inside out, a.k.a. goes global through locals, it is important to get your brewery position right. In the beginning, to keep it simple, try finding answers to critical questions such as what type of beer you brew and how is it different from your competitors? Who is your target market and why do they need you? 

Moving ahead, step into the more technical and practical questions which will help you position your brewery appropriately. Some of the concerns you need to focus on doing so are the location of your brewery, competitors’ prices, your pricing strategy, local communities aligned with your competitor’s beer, things that aspire to your customers, and your brand positioning statement.


We cannot emphasize enough why companies focusing on Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) require to give attention to their logo designs. Especially, when that CPG is brewed beer, which is meant to connect with people and induce brand loyalty more than other products. Besides connecting with customers by communicating your brand’s story in the first interaction, a logo plays many important roles. For one, it is the one element that will be the face of the company as it will be printed on all your packaging materials, t-shirts for beer festivals, beer cans, and etc. 

Therefore, instead of simply using online logo tools, invest in a professional design agency such as DesignBro to help you with custom beer brand logo design.

Smell and Taste

While beer lovers get a hang of beer, the factor which invites and holds them is taste. Be that as it may, many craft beer manufacturers do not understand how the taste of a beer is aligned with its smell. In fact, the flavor of a beer is said to be a combination of taste and aroma. 

You will have many and many revisions concerning the smell and taste that goes with your craft beer, but it will be all worth it when people will start resonating your taste and smell with your beer and your beer with your brand. For perspective, any person who likes soda can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Furthermore, once you finalize the flavor of your crafted beer, make sure that you take the final step to trademark the same. 

Beer Branding: Challenges (and Solutions with DesignBro)

Professionals involved in branding, designing, and marketing understand that there are certain challenges that exist and cannot be ruled out, and there are other challenges that we create ourselves. For challenges that we create ourselves, I refer to the following article to ensure you do not end up creating hurdles on your way to the success of your brewery:

Whereas, for challenges that exist in beer branding, and require quality and unique solutions, let us dive into it. 


Similar to many businesses, craft beer brewers face financial challenges regarding survival, growth, and profitability. From the outside, it may not seem this way but there are truly numerous aspects of a brewery that requires the team to be well-budgeted, such as renting or buying a place, machinery, manufacturing activities, and other elements which are on the surface. Considering the same, many brewers find it impractical and difficult to pay attention to branding and design details. 

That said, the solution lies in looking at the right place for the right design at the right price. DesignBro, one of the leading design crowdsourcing platforms with top designers onboard, offers all of it at one platform. Additionally, with its prices’ flexibility ranging from $199 to $3,000 for beer logo designs and beer packaging designs, you need not bother about spending wrong on your brewery branding. 

Beginning Point

Most of the professionals and entrepreneurs involved in craft brewing understand the importance of branding, as well as how designing and packaging are its core. Nevertheless, many of us have been facing challenges as to where to start from, and how to do the same. 

If this sounds familiar to you, We would suggest understanding your brand (why does it exist, what it does and serves, and how it makes things better) in alignment with the market (what are current trends, for how long will they stay, and who are involved at what level). However, this has to be as per your own timing and long-term objectives. Furthermore, with DesignBro offering two ways of getting designers: by running a contest and hiring directly, you can choose how you want to begin depending on your resources and preferences. 

In Conclusion,

With time, the brewing industry is expected to reach new heights. Having said that, it is unaffordable for brewers to skip on or put half-talented branding designers to work. Instead, now is the crucial time to reach out to the top designers at affordable pricing and quality designs with whom you create branding strategies that are bound to bring fruitful results. Also, ensure that you remember that the outside of a beer bottle and a can is equally important to the inside of a beer bottle or a can. 

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