How Pinball is Changing the Game for Breweries Across the Country

For many decades, pinball and beer have gone together like peanut butter and jelly; like Gin & Tonic; like hops and yeast. People love to drink beer and play pinball, so naturally, breweries have been a great fit. The question asked the most is, “How do we get patrons to stay for one more beer?” Pinball has been that answer.  

Gone are the days of only offering a shelf of board games. With the addition of pinball machines, breweries around the country are elevating the entertainment experience for their patrons. And these are not your father’s pinball machines. The most current pinball machines leverage the most powerful and recognizable licenses on the planet including The Mandalorian, Stranger Things, Godzilla, James Bond 007, Marvel properties, and many more. These interactive games come packed with the latest and greatest tech, including LED and RGB lighting, high-definition LCD screens, and are internet-enabled to connect people with gamers around the world. 

Pinball has been a part of the human experience for over 300 years. There’s nothing that can offer the same type of immersive entertainment experience with the hottest themes as pinball. While technology evolves along with pinball, the fundamental components of defying gravity and creating magic in these worlds under glass will never change. Pinball also has the most passionate and rabid fans compared to any other games out there.  The community has only grown stronger through competitions (friendly and high stakes) and it comes with increased foot traffic and an ever-growing pinball community worldwide. People can connect with other pinball fans and that sense of connection is not replicable across other video-based games in the market. Players meet monthly and even weekly, competing in tournaments on leaderboards while others are trying to climb the ranks of the worldwide ranking system of competitive pinball players through the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA). 

“Having added pinball machines to our tasting room at Mikerphone Brewing has brought in a new and much-appreciated energy,” said Mike Pallen, owner of Mikerphone Brewing. “Each morning when we turn the machines on, our tasting room lights up with excitement. As customers start to come in and play the games, the sounds of the game, the taps on the flippers, and the laughter, and sometimes frustration, truly add to the experience here.

“During tournament nights, we see all types of players, young and old, beginner and pro levels, aiming at getting atop the leaderboard. With pints in hand or in the cup holders on the machines, the consumers are experiencing more than just sitting at the bar. They are more engaged than ever. And what is funny is that there is an internal battle among the staff to be at the top of the leaderboard. Pinball is a game for anyone and everyone.”

Pinball helps establish that the location is more than just a place to eat and drink. It’s a place to have fun and be engaged. It’s part of the community. Pinball elevates the entertainment experience of any establishment so make your brewery flippin’ awesome with pinball today!   

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