How New Realm Looks to Ensure Strong Future of Brewers

As the craft beer industry has grown and become more competitive, it has become critical that breweries produce high-quality, consistent beer to successfully compete and be a viable business.

New Realm’s Carey Falcone and Mitch Steele are making sure the quality stays high while helping improve the future hiring pool.

“One of the best ways to ensure quality and consistency is to hire brewers who have been formally trained in the science of brewing and related areas,” Steele said to Brewer Magazine, “so they are equipped to make intelligent and educated decisions about their beers and brewing processes.”

The co-founders of the Atlanta-based company are teaming up with Auburn University in looking to further strengthen the College of Human Sciences Brewing Science and Operations program with a collaboration.

“Brewing science involves many different disciplines, and University training, like the program at Auburn University, often provides one of the best teaching and training grounds for our future brewers,” the New Realm team wrote. “Several of our team at New Realm have taught college courses in brewing and distilling in the past, and we are really looking forward to contributing to the success of Auburn’s program.”

The partnership with Auburn’s brewing Science and Operations school is much more than simply an on-campus brewery and taproom, Falcone pointed out.

The partnership includes classroom interactions with students, hands-on learning in the New Realm brewery, along with case studies, internships, and much more.

“We are excited to be in a position to contribute to the development of the next generation of brewers,” he said. “Furthermore, we expect that our interaction will lead to future hires. As Mitch mentioned, well-trained, technically sound brewers are critically important to brew high quality, well-balanced beers that are true to style.”

With great facilities in addition to its undergraduate degrees, Auburn offers a Master’s program that ties traditional classroom learning to real-world application. That is where New Realm comes in.  

Students will interact with Steele, the company’s Brewmaster, along with head brewers, or head of operations and the New Realm master distiller where their textbook learning will be applied in a real brewing environment. The New Realm team will interact in both a classroom setting as well as in the on-campus brewery. They will also work together on case studies and internships.

“We were very fortunate, and this opportunity is extremely unique,” the duo admits. “Auburn University was extremely thoughtful with their approach to building out the Rane Culinary Center and their brewing science programs. They visited other educational institutions and breweries across the globe before starting construction.”

For New Realm, this was an opportunity to align with a university that shares its core values and passion for beer, food, and hospitality while giving back to the brewing community and participating in the development of the next generation of brewers.

“From our first meeting, it was clear that this partnership was about much more than simply opening another location. We are a great fit for each other,” they wrote.

That said, Falcone and Steel said that breweries should always look for ways to support the education of future brewers to ensure the continued success of the craft brewing industry.

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