A Great Way to Make a Sale Even at Closing Time

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. But your taproom staff doesn’t need to turn down indirect sales.

During our visit for the cover story piece we did with Deb and Dan Carey of New Glarus Brewing in 2017, she shared that the taproom at the brewery caters to its staff in ensuring a happy family life. The on-site taproom closes earlier in the evening than most breweries normally do, so the taproom staff encourage consumers to visit local on-premise outlets around 14 spots in the village and beyond by giving them a token to use for a sample of New Glarus beer there. In theory, the coins help drive more business to the establishments near the brewery and in turn more sales of New Glarus products.

Other breweries find similar ways to support the distribution channels as well.

Ecliptic tries to support accounts that support the Portland-area brewery by featuring them on social media and in other promotions or events, said Sales Manager Erin Grey Kemplin.

During COVID, New Realm has tried to support local businesses in several ways, explained co-founder Carey Falcone.

First, the Atlanta-based brewery has helped through donations to both in Georgia and Virginia Beach, Virginia, its second location.

“We have donated hand sanitizer, New Realm Brewing masks, free meals, and donations to key local charities,” Falcone said.

The brewery is making and donating 500 free meals a week to support service industry people who are struggling.

Another way that New Realm is giving support is by encouraging its own staff to help those local businesses.

“We have made a conscious effort to patronize local accounts by ordering take out and leaving sizable tips,” he said.

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