How to Create Sales Even with Your Taproom Closed

Sometimes, it’s just not worth being open on a certain day or before a certain time. The costs associated with having staff members present to run the taproom doesn’t make sense … or cents.

In the world we live now, social media and a solid website can educate and sell your product and help direct consumers to your brands either before opening after you close for the night or days the taproom is closed.

Legally, there can be state restrictions in place for promoting on- and off-premise venues that carry a brewery’s beer directly.

Chase Hawkins, the Director of Sales & Marketing for Los Angeles’ Boomtown Brewery has found the best way to promote its beer legally is to partner with accounts for tap takeovers, beer dinners, and staff training.

“The goal is to enlighten the clients to not only the fact that the beer is available there, but also give them some more understanding about our brewery, our story, and the beer that they are drinking in order to foster a greater appreciation and enjoyment of drinking our brews,” he pointed out.

That’s one way when the consumer isn’t even near your taproom, but if your taproom is open right now and you want to continue to foster the business drive with a consumer your taproom staff doesn’t need to turn down indirect sales when closing down for the night, even if that’s early in the evening.

Deb Carey of New Glarus Brewing explained that the brewery caters to its staff in ensuring a happy family life. So, the on-site taproom typically closes earlier in the evening than most breweries may normally do. Instead, the taproom staff encourages consumers to visit local on-premise outlets around 14 spots in the village of New Glarus, Wisconsin, and beyond by giving them a token to use for a sample of New Glarus beer there.

In theory, the tokens help drive more business to the establishments near the brewery and in turn more sales of New Glarus products.

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