Getting Your Brewery Equipment Back Online in a Hurry

Purchasing the perfect piece of craft brewing equipment with the guarantee that you will not run into trouble down the road can feel impossible. Even when you buy top-of-the-line, custom designed, American manufactured equipment at the highest price and quality level, there is still a chance that at some point something will go wrong. Many brewers are all too familiar with the stress of being mid-batch and watching their brewhouse, cellar, canning line, or any other part of the operation suddenly go offline. What’s worse? Getting service to help fix the problem in a timely manner.

Cue instant panic attack. Brewers end up spending precious time impatiently waiting for a return phone call from the manufacturer as they try to calculate the brewery’s surmounting losses with every passing minute. There are countless stories in the industry of brewers calling their equipment manufacturer, whether it be a few months or a few years down the road, with technical dilemmas only to be sent to voicemail, and sometimes never having their calls returned at all.

Even the best breweries eventually need technical and mechanical support. ProBrew, a craft brewing equipment manufacturer out of New Berlin, Wisconsin realized the lack of reliable service in the craft brewing industry right away and decided to take their company one step further. An extension of the ProBrew brand was launched in early Spring, putting a name to their time-honored tradition of taking quality care of brewers and their brewery operations. By introducing ProService, ProBrew branded a team made up of dedicated individuals with over 50 years of experience servicing everything from brewhouses to centrifuges, and more.

Among the many unique features of this brand extension, ProService works with any brewery, even if the equipment was supplied by another manufacturer. Whether it’s an install, complete re-build, or simply tweaking the current equipment to match the speed and capabilities of a new addition, ProService can easily identify, adjust and repair all brewery functions so everything runs smoothly.

Brewers no longer have to wait for someone to arrive at their facility, either. Being well-versed in a multitude of systems and programming languages, as well the automation and PLCs that breweries commonly rely on, the ProService team can log in 24/7 using Wi-Fi or cell networks to troubleshoot technical issues. This saves precious time, money, and the headache of waiting for service response.

Brewers now have a one-stop-shop for all their equipment and service needs, giving peace of mind to the craft brewing industry – from brewhouse to pack out.

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