What to Focus On to Keep Your Consumer

​As more breweries enter the fray, controlling the “noise” and developing consistent consumers can be tricky. Many have succumbed to the notion that the ‘promiscuity’ of a drinker is the norm and being a mainstay is a very tough task.

But working toward the goal of having your brewery’s product either in a consumer’s fridge or on the lips when ordering a draft in an on-premise is something Mission Brewery is always working on.

“Maintaining current customers is key and we do so through a focus on quality control and consistency between batches,” explained Jeremy Castellano, the Lead Brewer and Quality Assurance Director for Mission.

“It’s much easier to lose a customer than it is to gain a new one,” he added. “We’re experimenting with marketing and various experimental releases to generate ‘views’ and drive traffic, but it’s very difficult in this market.”

Being genuine, reliable, and consistent seems to be key​, Castellano said.

​”There​ are a lot of places that customers can go to get unique, new beers. However, at the same time many of those beers have off-flavors, aren’t balanced, or are just plain bad​,” he said. “Ensuring that everything we release is clean, consistent and something we can stand behind is something that our customers appear to appreciate, and I’m happy to make that one of our main focuses at Mission.​”​

​Although Mission has not yet looked at the idea of breaking down ​marketing strategies to alter in each demographic — not just age, but gender, race, and other aspects — it has focused its marketing on the brand’s historical demographics.

“[We know] that they already lean towards our product,” Castellano said.

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