Flying Fish to Debut 4-Packs for Three Brews; Repeats Exit 3

One of the most requested repeats of Flying Fish Brewing’s Exit Series is the Exit 3 Blueberry Braggot. So it is happy to announce it’s coming back, all 15% ABV of it!  This blueberry Braggot is an ancient style of beer that’s a cross between mead, which is a honey wine, and beer.  Not many hops but lots of NJ honey and Hammonton blueberries and Belgian yeast make this a one of a kind experience.  Each sip reveals new flavors and complexity.

Another change we’re introducing based on requests is that the brewery is putting all of its big beers into 4-packs, starting this month with Exit 3, Exit 4 American Trippel and Exit 16 Double IPA.

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