Seasonal Favorite Point Bock Is Back, Now in 6-Pack Bottles

Midwesterners have flocked to Stevens Point for decades to stock up on seasonal Point Bock Beer, sometimes filling up entire vehicles and traveling across multiple states to collect cases. This retro tradition and classic recipe are now a little easier to handle. Point Bock is finally available in 6-pack 12oz bottles, and in more states than ever before.

For years, Point Bock has been enjoyed by loyal fans on draft and in 24-pack loose bottles. Recently, Point Bock has also been packed in travel-friendly 4-packs of 16oz cans. “The new decision to add 6-pack bottles was entirely due to customer demand,” explains Point Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott. “A lot of Point Bock fans enjoy splitting a case with friends. The individual 6-packs make sharing even easier, and invites new drinkers to try a classic brew.”

The origin of Point Bock Beer can be traced back to 1938. Production was discontinued in 1942, but returned after WWII in 1945. Since then, for more than 75 years, the arrival of Point Bock in late-winter has been a reason for Midwesterners to celebrate. “After the holidays I look forward to a traditional beer release like Point Bock,” says Brewmaster Mike Schraufnagel. “Point Bock’s toasty malt sweetness, full-bodied flavor, and rich roasted aroma really stand up to the cold and help you savor the season.”

Over the history of Point Bock, the flavor profile has remained incredibly consistent. The current recipe, which was rediscovered in the Point Brewery Archives, employs Tettnang hops, toasted Caramel and Carapils malts, and flaked corn. “That subtle corn sweetness is what gives Point Bock its classic flavor,” attests Quality Director Farryn Guarino. “It’s ‘big’ compared to a beer from the 1970s, but super smooth and balanced by today’s standards. That’s why a 24 pack is an easy purchase. We hope the ease of 6 packs helps new consumers share in this unique taste of history.”

Even with its nostalgic look, time-tested recipe, and Midwestern roots, Point Bock Beer still racks up national awards, most recently winning the Silver Medal at the 2019 New York International Beer Competition.

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