Fifty West Brings Back Original Dining Experience

Fifty West Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated reopening of its esteemed Brewpub in Columbia Township. The full-service restaurant, now under the direction of celebrated Cincinnati chef Jackson Rouse, formerly of Bauer Farm Kitchen, promises to bring back the authentic dining experiences that patrons came to love.

After an 8-year tenure the Fifty West Brewpub was temporarily shuttered in 2020 due to financial and operational pressures during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fifty West team then shifted their focus across the street to their family-friendly concept, the Burger Bar. The spacious outdoor beer garden complete with walk-up order windows and quick food service proved to be a far superior path to weather the pandemic storm. While the Burger Bar was met with great enthusiasm and success, many of the brewery’s fans have consistently voiced their desire for the return of the original sit-down restaurant and brewery.

“Fifty West was humbly founded out of this historic roadside home back in 2012. Here is where we developed our passion for brewing exceptional beers, educating guests on the vast world of craft beer, and pairing it with great food,” said managing partner Bobby Slattery.

The beer scene in Cincinnati has experienced significant growth over the past decade, with over 80 breweries now providing a range of options for residents of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

“The reopening of the Brewpub space allows us to once again provide our community with a comfortable and inviting place for a delightful meal or intimate date night. The Burger Bar, on the other hand, will continue to live as the perfect setting for families to enjoy a fun outing together.” said Bobby.

The team at the brewery has been collaborating with DIGs Design to give the Brewpub a much-needed makeover before opening its doors to the public.

“We had ten years of wear and tear that needed to be addressed, but you can expect to see the same dining and taproom experience that you remember. We started with the foundation of our original taproom and then DIGs provided us with the design roadmap to refine the space,” said Max Fram, Vice President of Strategy and Operations.

Executive chef Jackson Rouse and his restaurant team plan to bring back a full-service menu that elevates typical bar food while remaining comfortable and affordable.

“The theme of the menu was inspired by the Fifty West brand. It roughly explores the idea of the great American road trip, using local and regional food to bring to life the sights, smells, and flavors you might encounter on your travels across the country,” said Rouse.

The 24-tap bar will be stocked with the brewery’s beer, hard lemonade, and vodka seltzers, as well as a curated wine and cocktail list. The restaurant will be open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner, with brunch available on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The grand opening night is set for January 4th and will celebrate the business’s ten-year anniversary.

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