Expanding Technology Needs in Growth

Michael Ertischek, a controller with SweetWater, works behind his desk in the brewery's office on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, at SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Ga. (AJ Reynolds for The Brewer Magazine)

​Expanding knowledge is a key asset to have to help grow the business end of your brewery. Being able to properly forecast the need for certain grains and hops along with knowing price points for all sort of logistical maneuvers can be a boon to succeed and help with margins and sales.

In that growth, working with pen and paper has already graduated to working with spreadsheets and other shareable documents.

​”We started looking into [more technology] more seriously as we started to approach 10,000 barrels,” said Jolly Pumpkin‘s Ron Jeffries.

“We’ve considered something like Orchestrated Beer, but for now just use a ton of Google Doc and Sheets. They’re not super high powered, but they get the job done, and can be shared by the whole staff.”

​Dust Bowl Brewing​ started using Orchestrated Beer in 2014 when ​it was approaching 6​,​000 bbls​ per year in sales in order to track inventory, production and sales.

​”​The flow through of production to TTB reports was a huge benefit, as well as a more real-time look at our inventory levels for both raw materials and finished product​,” said Brewmaster Don Oliver​.

​”​Over the last few years we have become better at utilizing more of the system to track beer costs and use Obeer as a tool to determine which beers truly make us any money.”

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