Enjoying American Learn to Homebrew Day 2013

american home brewers association

american home brewers association It’s always a good day to brew some beer! But, Nov. 2, 2013 was a GREAT DAY to showcase how to brew it as the American Homebrewers Association encouraged home brew clubs to host events throughout the world.

In total, more than 6,500 participants made more than 330 batches of brew, totaling nearly 2,100 gallons of beer. That’s just the reported numbers to the AHA website.

My club, the Glass City Mashers had 10 brews going while more than 50 people attended the event at The Attic on Adams in Toledo, Ohio.

Lots of styles were included among the pots that were boiling beginning around 2 p.m. and going well past dusk. We had alts to stouts, boil in a bag demonstrations to full-grain, 10-gal setups and everything in between.

Beer was made, beer was drank and everyone got a chance to help if they wanted to get into it.

A noticeable uptick in new faces showed up at the following beer club meetings, so it looks like it was a success. A few of the beers were passed around to sample a month later and they were all very tasty.

Hopefully you were able to participate in a Learn To Homebrew Day event. If you did, please let me know how things were and we’ll update the blog with your input.

A sidenote: I will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune special section highlighting home brewing in my county. I was able to talk to a reporter about the process and a photographer came over to watch a beer get made. I small batched a blonde ale since it was a simple and quick way to get through the process and I’m looking forward to sending it to the secondary to clear up for a few weeks. The gravity was a tad off since I was splitting a 5-gal. recipe down to 2-gal., but I think it will be OK.

Raise one up!


Fermenter: Blonde Ale

Secondary: nothing

Bottled: Taddy Porter, a mix of IPAs and APAs still left from the summer

Up next: Hopes are for a nice red ale with a variety of spices. Or maybe a bock. It may be a first real experiment for me.

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