Earnest Brew Works Partners with Toledo Zoo for Beer Release

South Toledo, Ohio brewery earnest brew works (ebw) and the Toledo Zoo have announced a partnership to help raise awareness for an endangered species that has lived at the zoo for the past half decade.Four-packs of 16-ounce cans of the new “Red Panda” Irish Red Cream Ale will be available for sale starting Saturday, May 15. The beer will be sold at the zoo, at the brewery and at selected retailers in the Toledo area.

Retail is $13.99 per 4-pack and EBW will donate a portion of sales directly to the Toledo Zoo’s Wildlife Fund.
The can features a photo of one of the zoo’s red pandas along with information about the 5.3% ABV Cream Ale made with malt that gives the beer a toasty red hue.

Classified as endangered, there are fewer than 10,000 red pandas in the wild with the largest threats listed as poaching and loss of habitat. It’s estimated that there’s been a 40% decrease in numbers over the last 50 years alone.

The creatures are native to the Himalayan areas of Nepal, China, and Mayanmar. The Toledo Zoo took in three females starting in May of 2015 and have had various red pandas stay since opening the exhibit.

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