Revolution Reveals Expansive, Ambitious 2019-2020 Deep Wood Series Lineup

Photo by Revolution Brewing

As Chicago enjoys the peak of summer, its largest independent craft brewery again turns its eyes to Fall and the 2019-2020 lineup of barrel-aged beers from the Deep Wood Series. Revolution Brewing will release another ten unique barrel-aged beers in the four-month period between October and January.

Five returning favorites will be joined by five boundary-pushing new beers. The series culminates in a celebratory barleywine, aged and blended to celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Revolution Brewpub opening for business in Logan Square.

“We’re always excited to release these beers, but this year especially so. Disregarding the stellar lineup (our most ambitious to date), every beer has been built of separate parts each designed to maximize depth and complexity while maintaining balance,” Barrel Program Lead Marty Scott said. “Much more than blending, our new processes have raised the bar of what we consider success. We hope you’ll agree.”

This year’s returning Deep Wood Series brands are:

● Deth’s Tar – Revolution’s original barrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout.

● Café Deth – Deth’s Tar with a weaponized infusion of locally roasted coffee beans.

● Straight Jacket – The award-winning English Barleywine.

● Ryeway to Heaven – A Ryewine carefully matured in rye and bourbon barrels.

● V.S.O.D. (Very Special Old Deth) – Back after a year’s break, this refined blend of hand-selected two-year-aged Deth’s Tar barrels is a rarefied sipper.


Debuting in cans: a new adjunct perfectly married with Stout, something Very Special, a Boss take on Barleywine, Rev’s first canned cuvée, and the celebratory anniversary beer:

● Deth by Plums – Barrel-aged Oatmeal Stout gets a surge of immortal power from a generous amount of plums.

● V.S.O.R. – Very Special Old Ryeway takes all the rich silkiness of Ryeway to Heaven and gives it an entire extra year to deepen, mature, and acquire astonishing complexities.

● Boss Jacket – The ethereal marriage of Straight Jacket with ex-Calvados barrels acquired from our friends at WhistlePig.

● Cuvée De Grâce – A meticulous blend of seven different barrel-aged beers, brought together in unholy harmony.

● Ten Year Beer – Twelve ounces of our joy and gratitude, brewed with love and canned for our friends. More accurately, a blend of one- and two-year aged English Barleywines with a jubilant dose of cherries.


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