New Realm Introduces NA Hazy IPA for Dry January

The holidays are over, the weather stinks and the days are shorter. Combine all of that with the decision to go dry this January and one may find themselves in a new year daze. But thanks to New Realm Brewing’s new non-alcoholic hazy IPA it will be easy to kill the alcohol while reaping all of the flavor!

Say goodbye to the hangovers and hello to full-flavored Hazy IPA happiness! New Realm’s NA Hazy IPA allows consumers to stay dry, while enjoying a cold one this month and beyond. This non-alcoholic craft beer is big with beautiful hip-forward notes. Sip it in the cool can our pour it into a glass and show off that light golden and hazy color complete with a “I can’t believe it’s not alcohol” white foam head!

“This was a fun innovation project that our team has been looking forward to getting into the marketplace for a longtime,” said Mitch Steele, Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing. “There are several options for making NA Beers, but it’s important to choose one that gives you the most beer-like flavor.  We use a complex system of vacuum distillation to remove the alcohol from our specially brewed base beerleaving substantial beer.”

With a hop bill starring Citra and Azacca Hops, New Realm NA Hazy IPA not only has real craft beer flavor, but it has attitude, tons of attitude – take that “bone dry January!” It’s time for some clearheaded beer sipping bliss. RIP ABV!

Obsidian Jam Information:

  • Style: Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA
  • Specs: Less than 0.5% ABV | 15 IBU
  • Appearance: Hazy and light with a thick head of white foam
  • Package: 12oz 6-Pack
  • Distribution: Throughout Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry
  • Availability: January

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