Sierra Nevada Releases 2021 Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. announced the 2021 release of the iconic seasonal Celebration Fresh Hop IPA, which will begin hitting retail shelves mid- to late-October.
The 2021 release will mark the 40th year of the iconic IPA.  Each year for hop harvest season, which typically occurs August through September, Sierra Nevada brewers travel to the Pacific Northwest hop growing region to select the most premium lots of Cascade and Centennial to be featured in Celebration Fresh Hop IPA.
The premium picks are kiln-dried and transported to the brewery as soon as possible so the brewers can begin production of the beer right away to capture the citrus, pine, and floral notes when they’re at their absolute peak.  
“We wanted to brew a beer that really featured what we love most about hops, so we chose to brew this beer only with hops that have been freshly harvested so the most amazing flavors and aromas can really shine,” says Ken Grossman, founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. “Hop harvest season is special time we look forward to every year.” 
The beer is sought after by retailers and drinkers every season, but its release can vary slightly by a matter of weeks from year to year as it is dependent on the hop harvest and when the hops themselves are at their peak and ready to be harvested. 
Celebration Fresh Hop IPA, while hoppy with distinct notes of citrus and pine, is well balanced with a subtly sweet backbone of caramelized two-row pale malt. It checks in at 6.8% ABV and 65 IBUs. Because it is a fresh hop beer, it’s recommended to enjoy as soon possible.

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