Don’t Get Wrapped Up in Brewing Viral Beers

Way back before I launched The Brewer Magazine I had a boss that was focused on developing viral content. We used to spend hours analyzing videos that went viral and reading tips for creating viral content.

I think in today’s society everyone is looking for that one grand slam, but we forget that one grand slam doesn’t equate to a World Series Championship. Instead it’s about designing consistency through products and a trust from your consumer.

I believe the brewing industry is very similar to this scenario. If you talk to just about any brewer in the world, their number one focus is consistency. Of course quality is of the most importance too, but you don’t want to produce a beer that varies in consistency with each and every batch.

The other evening I was having a conversation about what makes a great beer with some friends. We found ourselves discussing one beer inparticular, but what stood out to me was that the friends in this conversation could notice an inconsistency in the flavor.

This particular beer would be considered somewhat of a viral beer. However, in this situation it had found itself being critiqued based on consistency. Although we all enjoy the brewery and the beers this brewery creates, the ability to keep up with this “viral” beer has become a struggle.

In today’s marketplace there truly isn’t room for decent beer, especially in shelf space. Although you may have a strong launch with a particular beer, it’s important that you focus on the consistency of that beer.

It’s like Jim Koch of Samuel Adams always pushes. It’s about quality, freshness and a consistency for the consumer. If you can’t maintain all three of those aspects, it’s going to be difficult to maintain that shelf space.

Viral content is fun and exciting, but business isn’t about a one-time success. Rather, it’s about continually growing and supplying a consistent product that your consumers will enjoy. So, while you may have the hot product right now, remember to focus on consistent quality over developing more and more viral beers.


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