​Discovering​ ​Under-​Worked ​Marketing Technique​s

Always looking to gain an edge in marketing brands to consumers, breweries have tried in the physical and digital space to get their brands in people’s faces. Brewer asked to get some insider tips that have worked that may be a tad outside the box. Here’s a peek behind the curtain.

Inviting people to tag a friend on a post where it’s mutually beneficial for you and them has generated awesome results for ​MadTree.

For a recent sweepstake​s​, ​Marketing manager Trevor Self said the Cincinnati brewery asked followers to tag who they would share the prize with

​”It gave us an additional 1,000 entries into the sweepstakes, added new followers, and had over 100 comments on one post​,” he said. ​

Another technique ​MadTree is utilizing ​is ​consumer feedback to help shape and inform future business decisions.

​”​Whether it’s a quick poll on Instagram or inviting people out to come taste beer or look at a couple different packaging concepts, this is extremely valuable on all fronts​,” Self said.​

Jack’s Abby​ has begun to think outside of what most breweries consider traditional ​digital media routes.

​”​I’m exploring both new tech and classic marketing tools that our space doesn’t always look at​,” said Senior Director of Marketing, Rob Day. “On the new-tech side, I am really liking the Spotify ad platform.

​”​It’s extremely easy, self-service, and effective.​”

On the ​more ​traditional side, ​Day said they have​ discovered print properties that are extremely targeted in ​the brewery’s market and ​are ​fairly affordable.

​At retail, Toppling Goliath supports as many accounts as possible with custom graphics, co-hosting Facebook events, and individual social media posts.

“When we can use the reach of our audience on all our social media platforms to support those on the front line selling our beer, that is a success,” said Sarah Moellers, Marketing Manager. “It helps us build strong relationships with our legacy accounts.”

Right now everything is about local Moellers said, so the more that a brand like Iowa’s Toppling Goliath can do what is specifically for those accounts or areas, the stronger that bond becomes between the brewery, the account, and the local market.

Bret Kollmann Baker​ of ​Urban Artifact​ reminds you that there is no magic bullet ​solution.

​”​The key is consistency of brand and persistence​,” he said​.​ “Make sure any and all Point-of-Sale merchandise you get out there is rigorously on brand (across all your brands/brand family) and that you’re persistent with retailers and distributor partners to get that POS merch out there.

​”​If you paid for it, you better use it!​”​

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