Deschutes, Boneyard Announce ‘Dream Team’ Joint Venture

Deschutes Brewery and Boneyard Beer announced a new joint venture, forming a unique, Bend-based, local-to-local, craft-to-craft partnership. Boneyard Beer Founder, Tony Lawrence and Deschutes Brewery Founder, Gary Fish, who originally worked together almost 30 years ago, will reunite to bring together two of the Pacific Northwest’s (PNW) most iconic and award-winning breweries. With over 60 years of combined experience and poised at an incredibly exciting time in this industry, Lawrence and Fish will begin this new venture with the energy and attitude that Deschutes and, later, Boneyard, brought to the industry when they were just starting out. Together, they are determined to be a powerful catalyst of the future of craft beer.

These two small-town brewers, both born and raised in Bend, OR just a couple miles apart, are embarking on a new joint venture that will provide Boneyard the ability to increase availability of their portfolio of brands like RPM IPA in cans at grocery stores, liquor stores and bars throughout the PNW.

“This partnership is built on relationships,” said Gary Fish, founder of Deschutes. “Family and employee owned, our two breweries become a collection of inspired people maintaining their individualistic free spirit and undying vision for what beer can be. I am beyond proud of what Tony has accomplished in Boneyard and am thrilled to be working with him again.”

“I cut my teeth at Deschutes and it’s still a home of sorts,” said Lawrence who founded Boneyard in 2010. “It was an integral part of my personal and professional journey. My experience as a 21-year-old snowboard transplant falling into the Deschutes orbit was amazing. It gave me a direction to follow and an opportunity in both Bend and craft beer. To combine forces with Deschutes in Bend and explore what Boneyard is capable of is simply a dream come true.”

For Fish and Lawrence, this reunion is nearly 30 years in the making. Both industry icons share an enthusiasm for craft beer, appreciate the significance of both breweries being based in Bend, share roots of being family-owned businesses, and have the cherished memories of carving out and exploring a fledgling industry in the late 1980s.

“I’m most excited about the opportunity this union provides both companies,” Fish stated. “Boneyard’s rebel spirit and independent attitude will be great for Deschutes.” Together, Deschutes and Boneyard’s partnership provides an opportunity to expand Boneyard’s availability and satisfy the demand of thirsty “Boneheads” throughout the Pacific Northwest. “One of the most significant aspects of this deal is that both brands will retain their separate identities, continuing to do what they do best.”

Lawrence explained that throughout his 12 years at Deschutes, Fish gave him the autonomy to creatively figure out complex challenges during years of explosive growth that can often stunt the growth of a young company. “He never doubted or challenged our efforts,” said Lawrence who’s looking forward to redirecting some of his attention from the boardroom to the brewhouse. “I whole-heartedly believe we can do great things together; we have respect for our roots and we’re proud of our journey, but that journey is far from over.” Since the late eighties Deschutes has been not only a steadfast source of great beer, but also great brewers, all schooled in that original idea of bringing better beer to the people.

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