Denver Beer Commences Distribution of Easy Living Hop Water

Denver Beer Co. has announced the market release of Easy Living Hop Water, a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage.  Brewed and canned by Denver Beer Co., Easy Living is the first hop water from a Colorado-based craft brewery to be distributed in off-premise locations throughout the Colorado market and beyond. The sparkling beverage will be sold starting immediately in select independent off-premise retailers, restaurants and bars, as well as in all Denver Beer Co. taprooms.

Easy Living Hop Water contains zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, and is both gluten-free and alcohol-free. Available in Citrus and Hibiscus flavors, Easy Living is a sparkling beverage containing carbonated water, CryoPop® hops, citric acid, natural flavors, and brewer’s yeast. Easy Living is a true “never-alc” product.  Where some non-alcoholic beverages contain less than .5% ABV, Easy Living is not fermented and has not had alcohol removed in the brewing process. The beverage is 0% ABV and is crisp, light, and refreshing with just a hint of hop aroma and flavor. 

“We know there are many reasons and occasions for an NA beverage and we wanted to provide our consumers with an option in those moments,” shared Patrick Crawford, co-founder of Denver Beer Co. “Easy Living pays homage to our brewing roots and features the hop flavors and aromas that the craft beer drinker knows and loves, but also checks all the boxes for health-conscious consumers. Hop Water is a relatively new category of beverage and is a great NA option for someone who doesn’t want the calories, carbs or gluten that come with your typical NA beer. At the same time, it has a more complex flavor profile than just your standard bubbly water. Easy Living is super refreshing and can be enjoyed any time of day and on any occasion.”

Easy Living Hop Water first debuted in Denver Beer Co. taprooms in January, 2023 and was brewed in small-batch form. Easy Living is now available for purchase in six-pack cases as well as single serving cans at liquor stores, restaurants and bars, retailers and restaurants that are not licensed to sell alcohol, grocery and convenience stores, as well as Denver Beer Co. taprooms. Easy Living will be distributed throughout Colorado initially with additional market releases planned for early 2024.

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