Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Video Series Recaps 2020, 2021 Beer Calendar Starts With Cadillac Bandito

The year of 2020 was a dumpster fire, but at least there was beer. At Deep Ellum Brewing Company, we made new beers last year like Manic Confidence, Lateral Haze and DTX Golden Ale; as well as brewing favorites like Dallas Blonde and Deep Ellum IPA.

Innovation Brewer Brian Morris documented new releases in a series of short, “educational” videos on our YouTube channel. Spend some time drinking with Brian and reliving 2020’s Texas-brewed beers here. Our video series is not just a trip down memory lane though – see upcoming beers like Cadillac Bandito.

Inspired by our year-round Mexican-style lager, Neato Bandito, Cadillac Bandito is a crisp and clean Mexican-style lager with lime and salt. Get ready for some serious action as we witness Cadillac Bandito’s trademark smashing sweetness rounded out with salty punch-kicks, and a finishing bodyslam of tartness.

The 6% ABV refresher will be our first seasonal beer release of 2021. No matter what the new year holds, drink in style with Cadillac Bandito. Look for other new Deep Ellum offerings like the upcoming Blind Lemon Variety Pack, hitting shelves starting in February.

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