Dark Horse Brewing Co.: Amber Ale

label_amberAmber Ale

Introducing the Amber Ale from Dark Horse Brewing Company. According to the website, this beer is “commonly over looked and is a true Ninja of a beer. It possesses malt and hops that provide a “copper color, medium body and a smooth mouth feel,” the yeast is said to be the factor that differentiates it from all others. Additionally, this Amber Ale has hints of fruit and clove.


ABV: 6%
Availability: Year Round

Package: 1/2 Barrels / 1/6 Barrels / 6-Pack  of Good ol’ Bottles


Here is a list of the markets that make Dark Horse Brewing Company available for purchase:


Current Markets:

Michigan Distributors:

Kent Beverage (GR)

Westside (Lansing)

Paw Paw (Kalamazoo and west)

Griffin (northern MI and UP)

Fabiano (northern thumb)

Rave and Associates (Ann Arbor/Detroit)

Minnesota Distributor: J.J Taylor

Pennsylvania Distributors:

Bella Vista

Wilson McGuinley

Illinois Distributors:

Market Place

Windy City


Indiana Distributors:

Indiana Beverage


Ohio Distributor: Premium Beverage

Massachusetts Distributor: Atlantic Importing

Wisconsin Distributor: Specialty Beverage

Newest Markets within the last Month:

North Carolina Distributor: Next Generation Beer Co.

Kentucky Distributor: Dauntless

New York Distributor: American Beer

Virginia Distributor: Brown

New Markets in the works:



New Market this Month:

Michigan Distributor: Peterlin Distributing (Western UP: Houghton, Hancock, etc.)


Source: Dark Horse Brewing Company

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