Why Crux Fermentation Project Shook Up a Standard Expansion Effort

Choosing key craft beer markets around the country instead of adding more territories close to home is the growth strategy that Crux Fermentation Project decided to make.

So along with Oregon, Washington and Southern Idaho, the central Oregon brewery is adding Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia; New York City, Vermont and Maine along with exporting to British Columbia and Alberta, Canada in its latest expansion of territories.

“We chose the markets we did because they are highly regarded, growing craft markets where there is demand for top quality craft beer,” said Branding and Marketing Manager Jason Randles. “Distribution in these markets will expose our brand to new beer connoisseurs seeking out the ‘next great beer.'”

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Starting in June, Crux will distribute a limited selection of its beers to the following markets though a distinguished group of distributor partners. Looking to expand with a few years under its belt, Crux was eager to introduce beers like Crux Pilz, Gimme Mo and Half Hitch to a new, craft savvy audience. A limited amount of draft, 500 ml bottles and six-pack cans will ship to these markets throughout the year for craft beer drinkers.

Randles noted that the brewery has been able to pour beer at SAVOR in Washington, D.C. several times over the past few years.

“D.C. was the more obvious choice as we had achieved some brand awareness there,” Randles said. “We’ve already heard from a handful of fans, saying they’ve tried our beer at SAVOR in the past and are looking forward to having access to more of our beers.”

Randles pointed out that Crux is still very much focused on its own backyard, but excited to get its beer out there a little bit more for craft beer lovers to experience.

“Our distributor partners, are well respected in the craft world, will assure that our limited shipments of beer reach the right craft accounts where great beer is sought out,” Randles said.

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