Create Marketing Power Even in Small Communities

With breweries opening up in even the smallest of communities, the drawing power for talent to be a part of your team can be limited.

But that doesn’t stop those breweries from holding the same standards and quality of breweries in more populated areas. For Ten Sleep Brewing in north central Wyoming, hiring was based on folks the staff knew or people that came in and ask for a job.

“We haven’t had to search too far for our staff and pride ourselves in having a wonderful, well-educated group of people,” said Ten Sleep Retail Sales Manager Paula Fauth. “Friendly and outgoing is the top of our list. We pride ourselves on having smiling faces ready to greet our customers and serve them.”

When it comes to marketing the brand, which began in late 2013, Fauth said the small team built was based on “folks who have a passion for beer and all things beer.”

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“That seems to be the best common ingredient to creating a successful marketing team,” she said, saying that the best marketing a brewery can do is on site with customers and retaining those customers by giving them a great experience.

“This builds more brand loyalty than anything else,” she said.

New hires to the brewery, which made nearly 1,000 barrels in 2016 with about 50 draft accounts and a taproom, have to learn a lot about beer. All the aspects including selling, handling, tasting properly, and discussing beer with customers, along with cleaning everything properly. A lot of those aspects may fall onto one person’s shoulders when it comes to a smaller facility.

“Once they feel comfortable about the beer, everything else falls into place,” Fauth said.

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