CraftHaus Announces HopSwell, a Sparkling Hop-Infused Water

CraftHaus Brewery proudly releases HopSwell a sparkling, hop-infused water, during Dry January.

The sparkling water has zero alcohol and zero calories perfect for Dry January and available all year long. It uses El Dorado hops, which impart juicy pineapple and tropical fruit notes with a refreshing hop zing. It has no sugar, no added gluten, Vegan friendly, natural, and no grains were used to brew the sparkling water.

Beer lovers who just want a refreshing, hop break can sip on HopSwell between brews, and enjoy for a sober, sober-curious, or not sober lifestyle. 

“We are happy to offer our guests a beverage that is mindful of a health-conscious community,” said owner Dave Forrest. “HopSwell helps us diversify our portfolio to become more thoughtful.”

HopSwell builds and exands the CraftHaus portfolio to go beyond beer. Born from the love affair with the alluring qualities of hops, CraftHaus wanted to create a product that allowed each hop to sing as a solo artist. Hops have been proven to possess therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and contain flavonoid linked to better quality of sleep. HopSwell will expand to different hop varietals soon.

HopSwell is available in 16oz four packs for under $10 and can be found at both taprooms.

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