Coping with Beer Production During Pandemic​

For the foreseeable future, ​Weldwerks Brewing is retaining all staff and paying normal wages, including taproom personnel, ​while the Greeley, Colorado ​facility’s production, packaging, sales, and distribution operations will continue to operate as normal.

​”​Some of this involves cross-training so that folks can help in other areas if anyone gets sick​,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Jake Goodman. At the time of responding, Goodman said no cases ​of COVID-19 has been confirmed ​at the brewery yet.

​Goodman added that as a brewery, cleaning, sanitation, and safety are not just important but essential.

​”All of the measures we take to ensure the beers we produce are free of foreign contaminants apply to this situation, but we are implementing additional measures to ensure all aspects of our finished goods are handled as safely as possible​,” he said. Weldwerks’ packaging staff already use nitrile gloves while filling and handling cans, kegs, and anything that comes into contact with the liquid.

​”Now we have extended that policy to include the use of gloves when handling every part of our finished goods, including PakTech carriers, trays, keg collars, labels, bottles, bottle capsules, neck tags, et​c.,” he said.​

When it comes to what to do with beer already brewed and how Crooked Stave should proceed with packaging, Chelsea Zaloumis, the brewery’s Marketing and Events Coordinator said they are taking it day-by-day.

“We have plenty of beer in production that will continue through the production process and will be sold normally,” she said. “We’re anticipating promoting more, making online ordering, and finding other ways of getting this beer into our customer’s hands more accessible.”

Michigan’s Cheboygan Brewing is working to fill​ the orders of ​its distributors and most have recently picked up from our brewery​.

“Luckily this does not leave us too full with inventory​,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Nick Beard​. ​”​However, we are seeing draft get cut from orders so we will have to remain flexible and creative on how to serve in packaged brands safely until this passes.​”​

​Beard added that the brewery supports all of its business partners at this time.

“We hope that everyone joins in the effort to end the spread of COVID-19 as quickly as possible so we all can celebrate together again,” he said. “Be kind, compassionate and help each other during this tough time.”

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