Confident in Your Can Seams?

Whether you are an experienced canner or just beginning to can your beverages, understanding and monitoring can double seams is an essential step in delivering quality products to your customers.

Maintaining Your Double Seams

Various methods and seam measurements are used to inspect the soundness of a can seam. However, can double seams should always meet the following four requirements:

  1. Correct Tightness: The seam must be sufficiently tight to ensure the sealing compound is properly held under compression.
  2. Correct Body Hook and Cover Hook Length: The geometry of the seam, measured either mechanically or optically, includes ensuring the cover hook and body hook are within the proper tolerance of length and engagement.
  3. Overlap: There must be sufficient overlap of the cover and body hooks to ensure an airtight seam.
  4. Other Critical Defects: No localized distortions should be present in the seam, such as droops, vees, pin lips, or seam fractures.

Investing in Can Seam Inspection Equipment

Investing in inspection equipment and being proactive with seam inspection and tracking will save breweries money and headaches down the road. If you can’t afford to lose a pallet of beer, you should consider investing in an inspection system. In comparison to manual teardowns and measuring practices, the SeamMate® System will save your team time, reduce errors, and provide easy information retrieval, and most importantly, give you the confidence that customers will receive the taste they expect from your canned beverage.

The OneVision Difference

We’re Here When You Need Us

Equipment purchases include on-site or online installation, training, and unmatched support from the OneVision team. Unmatched support means a OneVision technician will answer when you call, respond to your emails, and resolve any system issues in a timely manner.

Always Innovating

We manufacture and service all our equipment and software at our headquarters in Westerville, Ohio. This hands-on approach along with close contact with the customer has created many “aha” moments since our inception in 1994. Our latest innovation – Automatic Seam Tightness. This patented technology helps take the guesswork out of double seam tightness, automatically estimating the measurement by analyzing the double seam cross-section. Automatic Seam Tightness is especially effective at detecting over-tight seams on beverage cans.

Free Can Seam Analysis on Us

We’ll test two of your cans and email you a detailed seam inspection report. Click here to sign up.

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