Three Things New Breweries Should Look for from Insurance

The booming brewery industry is seeing thousands of new breweries launched each year. There are many things to consider when launching and running a brewery, from choosing a space and buying equipment to securing the proper permits and licenses. Brewers seeking business loans are often required to obtain and show proof of insurance. Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) not only helps craft brewers meet the insurance coverage requirements, but also has the resources to help them get their business off to the right start.

Here’s what PHLY has to offer new brewers:


PHLY has a dedicated underwriting team that specializes in craft brewery risks. In addition, PHLY’s Risk Management team can help brewers prepare for the unexpected:

  • Quality Assurance: Delivering a quality product is of the utmost importance to craft brewers. PHLY’s Risk Management Services team can help brewers create a plan to ensure their product and packaging meet quality standards.
  • Product Withdrawal: If a situation arises where a product needs to be removed from the marketplace, it’s important for brewers to be able to act quickly. PHLY can work with brewers to develop plans to handle product withdrawal scenarios efficiently.

Specialized Coverage

Breweries face unique risks and require unique insurance coverages. Here are a few of the specialized coverages PHLY offers craft brewers:

  • Equipment Breakdown coverage: New brewers do not usually have backup equipment, so equipment breakdown can be a major issue. In addition to offering equipment inspections to help prevent breakdowns, PHLY covers breakdowns to a wide array of mechanical and electrical equipment. If it plugs in, it’s probably covered.
  • Market Valuation: In the event of a loss of packaged products, Market Valuation Coverage will evaluate the lost product at market price and reimburse the brewery for the full market value. That means if a six-pack of beer costs $5 to produce but sells for $15, the brewery will be reimbursed the full $15.
  • On and Off Premises Event coverage: Brewers regularly attend festivals and conventions to showcase their product.  PHLY’s policy will extend coverage for event protection. Additionally, a brewery may decide to host or rent out space for events on their premise. Applying online for a special event policy can add a layer of protection for peace of mind.

Automobile Risk Management

Breweries that distribute their product for retail sales or drive to events via their own fleet face additional risks. PHLY offers the following services at no additional cost to customers with Auto Liability coverage:

  • GPS Monitoring: The PHLYTRAC GPS program allows brew masters to monitor their fleet through their phone to correct negative driving actions.
  • Driver Training: PHLY offers online driver safety training courses on several topics including distracted driving and defensive driving.

The experts at Philadelphia Insurance Companies are ready to help you with the insurance coverage and risk management services that suit your brewery’s needs.

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