Cigar City Brewing Announces Launch of Cigar City Seltzer

Cigar City Brewing announces the release of Cigar City Seltzer, a hand-crafted hard seltzer in four flavors inspired by Florida’s world-famous citrus: Florida Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Meyer Lemonade and Key Lime. Variety 12-packs of Cigar City Seltzer will appear throughout the Southeast and select East Coast cities starting in February.

Brand Director Maria Grieshaber said, “As we say at Cigar City Brewing, ‘we make beer we like to drink.’ Creating award-winning craft beer is our primary focus, but when we saw our coworkers drinking seltzers and customers asking for them, we knew we needed to make a seltzer that stands up to the quality of our beers – one we like to drink.”

The quality and consistency that has defined Cigar City Brewing since 2009 has found new expression in Cigar City Seltzer. A focus on ingredients and process define Cigar City Seltzer, which clocks in at 100 calories, zero grams carbs and 5% ABV in these timeless flavors:

Florida Orange: Fresh-squeezed orange flavor plays on the palate with zesty acidity

Ruby Red Grapefruit: Bold, ripe grapefruit is remarkably flavorful and infinitely drinkable

Meyer Lemonade: Vivacious notes of lemon zest mingle with a hint of mandarin orange

Key Lime: Vibrant lime flavor and light pithiness offer dimension, while bright carbonation brings this seltzer into perfect balance

“We took our time developing Cigar City Seltzer,” said Grieshaber, “and elevated our expectations to maintain our high quality standards with a hand-crafted approach. Our first release is a strong representation of our craftsmanship, and a nod to our region in leaning into the citrus play.”

The brewery is proud to attach the Cigar City name to their hand-crafted seltzer, and looks forward to setting new standards of quality and flavor in the seltzer category. For more information on Cigar City Brewing and Cigar City Seltzer, visit  

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