Multi-Year Campaign Unites Outdoor Enthusiasts to Drive Voter Commitment

New Belgium Brewing announced today that their flagship brand, Fat Tire, will partner with climate action non-profit Protect Our Winters (POW) to support The Outdoor State, a campaign catalyzing the outdoor community to vote in the 2020 election. This year’s election marks a critical moment for the health of the planet and its people, and Fat Tire is joining forces with POW to unite the more than 50 million Americans who identify as passionate outdoor users and call upon them to pledge to vote. As climate change threatens our environment, our access to the outdoors, and the resources necessary to produce great beer, it is more important than ever to vote for candidates who will act in support of the planet.

Since the inception of Fat Tire in 1991, New Belgium Brewing has worked to cut its environmental impact by becoming the first wind-powered brewery, establishing the first carbon footprint study for beer, and producing electricity onsite through solar and biogas technology. While New Belgium has invested heavily in reducing its own environmental impact, the company recognizes that individual efforts alone are not enough to address the challenges at hand. Deepening the longstanding partnership between New Belgium and POW during this critical time will help to draw broader attention to these much-needed environmental protections and underline the important role this election plays in securing our future.

Along with brand ambassadors, Fat Tire will lend its voice and resources to help spread The Outdoor State message of unity and inclusion to drive voter commitment in upcoming elections. “Fat Tire was born into a strong outdoor adventure scene. For nearly 30 years, we’ve invested in our communities and the environment,” said New Belgium Brewing Brand Manager, Nora McCombs. “We’re honored to grow our support for this cause we care so deeply about, and to promote the importance of voting for the planet in local, regional, and national elections. The 50th anniversary of Earth Day reinforces the significance of POW’s campaign.”

“We are thrilled to have Fat Tire helping to inspire their community to join the Outdoor State and commit to standing up for their outdoor playgrounds. As an iconic brand, so well-known among outdoor enthusiasts, Fat Tire’s ability to inspire the outdoor community to action will undoubtedly help us get outdoor lovers of all stripes to the polls,” said POW’s Communication Manager Sam Killgore.

To make a commitment to stand up for your playground this election, join The Outdoor State here.

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