Tröegs releases Perpetual Beer Cheese

Following last year’s successful launch of Troegenator Beer Cheese, The GIANT Company, Caputo Brothers Creamery of Spring Grove, Pa. and Tröegs Independent Brewing are once again teaming up to bring beer and cheese lovers alike their latest creation: Perpetual Beer Cheese. Uniquely, all of the milk used to make the Perpetual Beer Cheese comes from Pennsylvania dairy farms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded problems for dairy farmers in Pennsylvania. One of the most important parts of the Commonwealth’s agriculture economy, dairy farming supports 52,000 jobs and generates $14.7 billion a year. However, challenging market conditions have created a serious threat to the livelihood of many dairy farmers. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania lost 370 dairy farms in 2018. Now, with schools and restaurants closed statewide, demand is down and many farmers have been forced to dump excess milk.

“In a time when a lot of us are feeling helpless, we asked ourselves what we can do to make a difference,” says Rynn Caputo, president of Caputo Brothers Creamery. “This partnership with GIANT and Tröegs has already helped keep two dairy farms running, and as it grows, we have the potential to save even more farms. This is our opportunity to make a small but important difference in the world, to keep more Pennsylvania farms sustainably operating. If enough people focus on one thing they can do to make this situation better, we can come back even stronger.”

The sweet and creamy beer cheese has lively notes of citrus thanks to the addition of Citra hops, an aromatic American-grown flower that is a key flavor component in the best-selling Tröegs beer Perpetual IPA. At the York County creamery, cheesemakers run warm milk through sacks full of whole-flower Citra hops before pressing it into forms. The cheese then bathes in a brine of saltwater and Perpetual IPA. In Caputo’s aging cave, the cheese gets a daily misting of Perpetual, bringing the beer’s aroma to the rind and giving it a golden hue.

“Perpetual is the best-selling IPA in Pennsylvania and is a favorite of many beer drinkers,” says John Trogner, brewmaster and founding brother of Tröegs. “What the team at Caputo did with this cheese is just amazing. It is unapologetically a beer cheese and biting into it and tasting the unmistakable citrus notes of Perpetual makes us as brewers really happy. Local dairies, local beer, local good says it all.”

The new variety of beer cheese is now available at all 186 GIANT, MARTIN’S and GIANT Heirloom Market locations. New this year, the product is available for purchase through GIANT Direct and MARTIN’S Direct, the company’s online grocery service. The cheese also will be available at Caputo Brothers and through the new Tröegs To-Go Curbside service.

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