Pink Boots Society to Host Beer, Bratwurst & Beyond Professional Study Tour

Pink Boots Society, a nonprofit organization of women beer professionals, announced today that it is opening its fall educational tour — Beer, Bratwurst & Beyond Professional Study Tour — to all beer lovers interested in traveling behind the scenes of the Bavarian beer trail. This is the fourth year the German beer trip has been offered. Organized by Treasures of Europe Tours and sponsored by a leading trade group, the Association of Private Brewers in Bavaria, the industry-sponsored study tour to Bavaria takes place October 19-29, 2018.

This 11-day small group expedition is truly a unique opportunity. It includes professional briefings, farm visits, tastings of award-winning brews, private tours and sessions with master brewers, industry leaders, traditionalists and innovators. Even if your German is a little rusty, travelers can interact with pioneering women brewers, little known new-school craft beer makers. You’ll visit storied abbey breweries, regional family brewhouses and two hops regions in Bavaria. During the tour you’ll explore Munich, Spalt, the Hallertau, Hof; Eastern Bavaria, Bamberg and other stops in the nooks and crannies of Upper Franconia and the Upper Palatinate are on the itinerary.

Highlights include:

  • A private session at Mallersdorf Abbey with Germany’s iconic nun brewer Sister Doris
  • Briefing by leading craft brewer Urban Winkler
  • Meeting with 11th-generation brewers Monika and Gisela Hansen in Hof
  • Session at the research brewery of Weihenstephan Institute, the”Harvard” of German beer
  • Private visits to three abbey breweries

More than one participant has remarked that this is “truly a life changing tour.” Jen Jordan, Pink Boots Board Member and brewer at Anchor Steam expressed it this way, “The people, places, and events of the Beer, Bratwurst and Beyond Study Tour went far beyond anything I could have dreamed up. The trip was life-changing for me, and I know it will be for anyone who has the opportunity to go. I continue to be inspired by the brewers we met, who expressed the perfect balance of humility and pride in their work.”

The Beer, Bratwurst and Beyond Study Tour is coed. This will be a small group tour in order to maximize the experience for all.

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