Cider Corner: What’s the ‘Perfect’ Way to Improve ​Your Tasting Room?

Mary Paulson said she sees no need to hire Secret Shoppers to observe the taproom to get an idea of what Poochie’s Hooch Urban Cidery needs to improve.

“My regulars will tell me straight up what they think​,” she told Brewer. “At the end of the month, the revenue will tell me if I’m doing something right, or not.

“Remember, it is all about creating more revenue without spending money to do it. Be creative.”

But what the owner of the San Diego cidery said she is looking for to make her tasting room even better? The ‘perfect’ bartender.​

​”I keep hearing that people come in to see and talk to me​: The owner, the cidermaker, the personality​,” she explained​. ​”​The regulars will look for my car. If it’s nor parked outside, they keep driving. So I need more personalities behind the bar to drive a great experience for my customers, instead of me always needing to be there.

​She added that she can’t ​be there​ ​all the time and having a staff that can accommodate regulars and other consumers with the same passion as Paulson is what she is looking for.

​She tried ​being the ‘do-it-all’​ ​type ​and​,​ ​”​it almost killed me​,” she said​. ​”​My health means more to me. So, yes, finding someone who can take charge and create their own repeat customers is always very much on my mind.​”

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