Cider Corner: The 2 Ways Angry Orchard Looked to Capture Consumers in Variety Pack

Appealing to a consumer’s mindset on on-the-go and a tendency to enjoy variety, Angry Orchard recently released a new mixed pack of 12-ounce cans to celebrate the fall with the Fireside Mix.

“Cans offer much more versatility for cider, especially in on-the-go scenarios,” said Joe Gaynor, Cider Maker at Angry Orchard. “While bottles were what built Angry Orchard nationally and remain an important vessel for small-batch innovation here at the Orchard — typically in 375mL bottles — cans have become an increasingly important carrier as that’s really where the beverage industry has gone.”

Mix packs offer variety for both the cidery and Gaynor and his team along with keeping the drinker in mind.

“It gives us the chance to put out new innovative ciders and/or share seasonal favorites,” Gaynor said. “It also serves as a go-to for entertaining friends and family because it has an option for almost everyone and every occasion.”

The new Fireside Mix captures that with the OG Crisp Apple along with fan-favorite and a returning seasonal cider in Cinnful Apple. Joining the pack is what Gaynor called a release of a “cult-like following” with Green Apple while Baked Apple Pie rounds out the foursome.

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“We carefully curate the mix of cider in variety packs to ensure we offer drinkers a well-rounded, worthy selection,” Gaynor said. “Taking into consideration the season, occasion, fan favorites, and a chance to test new ciders, variety packs have proven to be an important tool in our portfolio.”

Back again just for the Fireside pack, Cinnful is described as being sweet and slightly tart to complement the warmth of the cinnamon; while Baked Apple Pie is another Fireside release, bringing a combination including notes of nutmeg and creamy vanilla ice cream.

“Baked Apple Pie and Cinnful Apple really utilize the Crisp Apple base Angry Orchard drinkers know and love, but layer on some natural flavors to capture each profile perfectly,” Gaynor explained when asked about creating a concept that works year in and year out.

“When concocting new flavors, we strive to find the perfect balance so the cider provides delicious refreshment and complexity, while also really letting the apple shine.”

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