Cider Corner: Is Untappd Worth Utilizing as a Tool?

Consumers across the country are constantly “checking in” their craft beverages with social media apps like Untappd. The problem, as many cideries see, is that despite offering reviews for more than just beer (Kombucha, Mead, Hard Seltzers and Cider are some examples) the populace is still a beer-centric crowd reviewing from an uneducated standpoint. Those reviews can have an impact on how some other consumers react to what a cidery can offer.

Bryant’s Cider owner and cidermaker Jerry Thorton feels seeing reviews on an app as such is nothing but just an ego boost at best. 

“Large brands with large distribution footprints generate more reviews and attention,” Thorton said. “Many taprooms will give free pints to customers who frequently review. I consider Untappd an annual “check in” to see how our brand holds up to others.”

Wild State has its products listed on Untappd but it is clearly a beer-focused app, notes co-owner Adam Ruland.

“Sometimes “beer lovers” are never going to rate a cider highly because it’s a cider,” he said. “We don’t play an active role for that reason because it is so beer-centric and it’s less of our target market.” 

Ruland said they look sometimes to see what is popular but he feels he gets better information from more cider-centric customers. 

“Lots of our Tavour products end up on Untappd so we get a lot of nationwide reviews that way,” Ruland said.

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Thornton admits they try to ignore comments. 

“We feel the benefit is comparing broader trends and styles against other brands,” he said.

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