Cider Corner: Drawing Consumers to Your Website

You’ve got all your social media platforms established, but where does that leave your website?

For Coyote Hole Ciderworks, the website is used as a information center ​while social media outlets ​are used ​as ​a news outlets to push and drive people to ​the website for more information​ said Chris Denkers​.

​”​We are seeing a turn in ​[how] websites play a role in businesses as the rise of popularity and use of ​social ​media grows at a staggering rate​,” Denkers said​. ​”​You shouldn’t put too much information on ​social ​media, but enough to push people to your website which can house as much information as you like, as long as its laid out properly and in a very user-friendly layout.​”

Jill Wolf at Blue Barn Cidery utilizes Instagram, Facebook, and a website. Most of its Instagram posts are also added to the cidery’s Facebook timeline.

“Instagram makes it easy to do so, and while most millennials use Instagram, there is a large portion of our consumer group that uses mainly Facebook — 40-60 year old, mostly female, Wolf said.

“We use our website as our foundation for our web presence. The website has links to our social media platforms, but does not attempt to duplicate them in any way,” she said. “The website has all the business information, but social media is where customers can stay up to date with daily changes.”

Wolf said that all of Blue Barn’s special event postings are on Facebook since it is easy to share and boost these events, and allow guests to sign up directly.

“We utilize the Instagram story feature; however, we do not utilize the Facebook story feature as we do not have many views when posting to Facebook story vs. Instagram story,” she said. “A lot of this has been trial and error, and monitoring the data that the platforms provide as feedback.”

Wolf said she thinks businesses get stuck feeling that they must post something every day. She disagrees.

“We want to post enough to keep our customers engaged, but not so much that they stop paying attention,” she said. “We try to make sure all our social media posts are full of content and not just an empty image post, or witty caption. It is ok to post these now and again, but the bulk of social media posts must have good content to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

“Content helps develop a relationship between the business and the customer. If we can’t come up with a good content post, we will wait a day or two instead of posting something ‘just because.’ “

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