Cider Corner: Can Internalizing Food Service Work for Your Brand?


Internalizing food service for your cidery involves establishing and managing your own food service operations within your cidery, as opposed to relying on external vendors or food trucks. This may be able to enhance the overall customer experience, increase revenue, and create a unique identity for your cidery. But is it a feasible option?

“Food is important and we’ve always believed it will be a fixture of our taproom in the future, it just hasn’t been where we’ve invested just yet,’ said Wild State’s Adam Ruhland. “Many taproom owners fear running a food business, that’s a healthy take but it can be done well and should be considered because cider taprooms don’t have the same core customer base as other craft categories.”

Food trucks have been compelling additions for events at Stone Circle Cider, pointed out Dan Lawrence. 

“[They] do help to bring people into the door,” he said. “We hope to continue to invite food trucks for specific events, while also adding a kitchen to our facility and providing our own offerings.”

Having the ability to have their own kitchen will allow Lost Boy Cider the ability to create food pairings that perfectly complement its ciders, explained founder Tristan Wright. 

“Offering a full culinary experience on-site elevates the overall visit for our patrons,” Wright said. 

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The cidery’s approach has evolved. 

“While collaborations with food trucks and local restaurants have been successful, we’re now exploring the addition of our own kitchen,” Wright said.

Flat Rock Cider is just starting up a tasting room and Production Manager Jeremiah Tracy said that they will outsource food service. 

“Thankfully, our area has a robust food truck and mobile kitchen scene with countless culinary options to offer our guests,” he said. “This will allow us to remain focused on what we do best, making great hard cider.” 

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