The Newest Way Green Man is Going Beyond Beer

They won’t add gummy bears or marshmallows to their beers, but Green Man is still innovating and finding new ways to go beyond what the company has done for 25 years and just make beer.

“We have been pretty tactical beyond beer,” said owner Dennis Thies. “I mean, nobody wants to hear about another IPA right now, right? So we thought we’d go beyond beer, and seltzer got everyone’s attention.”

Thies said they took a different game plan and introduced an alcoholic ginger beer called Gingers Have Soul last year.

“It’s gone really well. It’s a great product. I love it,” Thies said. “I think it’s kind of more of an upscale luxury seltzer. Ginger is usually expensive.”

Green Man added an all-natural root beer in bottles that have been a smash hit in 2021 and into now, Theis added.

“All natural, no high-fructose to kind of appeal to the parents,” he said. “On Saturday mornings we started opening at 11am. And you see all the young families with their kids in strollers and the kids have had the parents up since 5 or 6 a.m. and they need a beer, so the root beers have been a bit hit with the families.”

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The brewery also has a cider now available that’s made by its neighbors across the street, Urban Orchard while Green Man has also collaborated with Chemists Spirits, a distiller on the South Slope area of Asheville and a fellow neighbor.

“They made a single-malt whiskey for us,” Theis said. “We use our English base malt Golden Promise and we process the barley and forklift it down to them. They distill it, age it, and bottle it.”

And the biggest addition that has yet to be announced by the brewery online yet is a THC-infused non-alcoholic seltzer that Theis shared with Brewer in early March. The official announcement will happen on April 20 but the product has already been shipped out within the Carolinas.

“They are 20 mg [of THC] of NA Black Cherry and NA Mango Pineapple,” Theis explained. “So this is very different for us.

“As a father of four teenagers I’m a little conflicted about it, but it is what it is. But hey, it’s Green Man! Have you seen my logo? It is screaming hemp. I have been asked so many times over the years if we sell CBD, hemp. But the labeling and branding will be very clean and very respectful.”

Thies said he feels sometimes people don’t want to drink but want to be social.

“You can have a can and sip on it,” he said.

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