Cider Corner: AI Uses You Can Implement Now

The ability to implement artificial intelligence tools into your cidery’s daily functions can be multiple.

From creating descriptors, and helping round out social media posts, to finding gaps in your company’s SOPs, using AI can help in ways you may not have imagined yet.

Sae Kenney, the Media Director of Backpack Brands (Graft Cider/Hudson North Cider) explained to Brewer that the company has begun using AI to help develop label concepts before moving it over to the illustrators.

“We are able to concept ideas and hone in on what we are looking for quickly,” Kenney said.

Tracy Henry started to use AI for Mount Diablo Cider with email blasts and website content a bit.  “It’s been great and I’m very green at it,” said the Owner/Operations Manager for the California cidery, “but it saves me a lot of time, creating messages in an instant that would otherwise take me an exponential amount of time.”

Also, Henry added that the content created is much more dynamic and engaging than anything she said she could ever think of.  

“Marketing and advertising are not my wheelhouse, but with AI I can put out some material that allows me to generate quality content instead of having to hire this out.”

Sometimes, Kenney said, a thought is there, but it’s not fully fleshed out or maybe there is a better, more succinct way to phrase a message.

“Jasper Ai or Chat GBT can help with that,” she said. “Basically, AI speeds the creative process up, sometimes.

“It’s not perfect and it’s still a long way from being a hands-off experience, but it’s a starting point.”

Kenney added that Backpack Brands are not fully integrated with AI and only use it sometimes.

“We use AI mostly when we are stuck or when we want to crowd-source popular trends, be it colors, flavors, or how an image is presented,” they said.

Sometimes they use AI to make fictitious brands just to see what this new tool is capable of doing.

“It has allowed us to present concept brands before bringing them to market which helps us gauge the interest of our distributors,” she said.

Photo Courtesy Mount Diablo Cider

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